We need a SOLDIER in here...where he at?--where he at? He is here! Are you an epic hero destined to lead a bunch of ragtag, crazy, but awesome peeps against a certain corporation? Do you often end up fighting a silver haired dude, or his embodiments in some timeline event? Printed on a 100% Cotton Black shirt of comfort and breathability Printed with Eco-friendly 100% Water based ink Even if you just love chocobo-haired husbandos, then you've chosen the right shirt. When you wear this shirt be sure to wear it to the local Golden Saucer-like establishment nearby, guaranteed to grab the local florists and bartenders attention ^^


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Printed on a 100% Cotton  Black shirt of comfort and breathability

Printed with Eco-friendly 100% Water based ink

Handled and packaged with a personal touch.

Made to order, and produced in house.

Designed and Manufactured EXCLUSIVELY in Canada

For care instructions please refer to FAQ