Inspired by FF7's Conformer swinging, Materia loving -Ninja Princess of Wutai. Wear this shirt for potentially higher chances of Materia drops after an epic fight, successfully summoning Leviathan, or as part of your gear (Shurikens not included). Printed on a 100% Cotton Black shirt of comfort and breathability Printed with Eco-friendly 100% Water based ink Whether it be saving the world with your friends, or just running from your duties as next ruler of Wutai, you'll look super fly in this shirt :)


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More Details

Printed on a 100% Cotton  Black shirt of comfort and breathability

Printed with Eco-friendly 100% Water based ink

Handled and packaged with a personal touch.

Made to order, and produced in house.

Designed and Manufactured EXCLUSIVELY in Canada

For care instructions please refer to FAQ